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Branding services

Promote your brand highly effective

by using proffesional imprint methods to
add your logo on promotional products.

Regardless of the imprint method used, branded promotional products are an excellent option for corporate gifts and more. On you'll find a large variety of promotional items, designed to meet the most diverse marketing needs.

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  • • High quality. Last research and promotional statistics from international marketing institutes indicate that the right promotional products are the best way to promote your brand. Why not make them highly effective by using a proffesional imprint method.
  • • Long lasting. Did you know that a promotional product is kept by a person for more than 6 months? That means your message will last longer than in other forms of advertising, but you need to choose wisely the right imprint method for long lasting effect.
  • • Cost-effective. Right promotional products branded with a proffesional imprint method deliver even higher ROI than other forms of advertising. Cheap advertising doesn't necessarily means poorer results. Contrary, you can deliver superior results.

Imprint methods


Transferring is done by first creating a screen print image on paper and then using heat and glue to transfer it onto the chosen article. This technique can be applied in multiple colours onto all kinds of woven and knitted products and is a good economical solution for multicolour printing of smaller quantities.

Pad Print

The most commonly used decoration technique, pad print enables multi-colour printing onto all kinds of shapes and surface textures, making it easy to decorate everything from pens to golf balls. Fast and economical, Pad Print is a great all-round cost-effective solution.


This traditional decoration technique is instantly recognized as a high-quality feature that works really well for adding extra perceived value. Embroidery can be applied to both flat and irregular surfaces of all kinds of woven and knitted products. We are able to include up to 12 different colours per embroidery.


Debossing creates an indented image by applying a die to heat-pressed area. Typically used for real and imitation leather items, it adds professionally stylish texture that's great for adding perceived value.

Branding services - Debossing


Engraving is achieved through using a laser beam to precisely etch decoration into a surface. This technique produces superb results for metal, glass and wood. An undoubted winner for creating a high-class impression.

Branding services - Engraving

Full color doming

Doming is used to create a 3D version of your image by shaping a raised surface beneath the print. A mould is formed, printed and filled with epoxy which is then hardened to maintain its shape. Fantastic for adding extra dimension to your message, doming can be applied to all kinds of materials on flat surfaces. Doming provides durable decoration with strong resistance to fading or damage.

Branding services - Full color doming

Hot stamping

Hot stamping is debossing with a metallic finish, created by applying foil between the to be-decorated surface and the dye. A perfect way to create a superior impression, ww are currently abble to offer hot stamping in silver and gold.

Branding services - Hot stamping


Screenround printing offers all the benefits of a screen printing, but can be used on curved surfaces, thereby producing sharp, high-quality images on 3-dimensional objects.

Branding services - Screenround

Screen print

Screen printing gives high quality, long-lasting results for single and multi-colour decoration of flat surfaces. Inks are pressed through mesh stencils to produce clear, sharp images which are ideal for logos and text. A good cost-effective solution for larger quantities.

Branding services - Screen print

Digital print

Digital print is made by transferring digital images on physical support as standard paper or photographic paper, in most of the cases, whithout using offset plates, distinctive to offset printing. This is a good cost-effective solution for small quantities.

Branding services - Digital print

Digital label

This imprint method is using as color transfer support photopolymer cliches. In other words, this method is mostly used for creating digital labels (for instance wine bottles labels) or plastic bags.

Branding services - Digital label


Embossing creates a relief image of a logo by pressing on the back of the promotional item surface a heated logo shape of zinc.

Branding services - Embossing