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102150 - Boogie Blaster

Boogie Blaster

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The Boogie blaster will be delivered in 2 parts, packed together. Therefore the size during transport is Ř 11 x 34,2 cm. To use the Boogie blaster you can screw the two parts together easily.


MaterialBoogie Blaster
Greutate125 g
Inaltime59 mm
Latime imprimare110 mm
Inaltime imprimare20 mm
Metode personalizarePadprint
BrandNo brand
Boogie Blaster. The real African sound at the World Cup 2010 will be coming from the Boogie Blaster. This traditional fan horn will excite football fans around the world. Thanks to its screw-on / screw-off mechanism you can pack twice as many in a box.